Real Men Puke in the Ring!

Real Men Puke in the Ring! (VIDEO)

So you think wrestling is fake? Let me assure you that UWA Hardcore is far from fake. There’s nothing fake about a man puking all over the place after having his gut collapsed. Cloudy is more human than human, and he’s going to remind all of you just how bad-ass he is.

Are you a fan of seeing big men beat the crap out of little men and vice versa?

I had a lot of big men email me about this show, but I have to give the big man spot to Joe Gacy, a guy who showed me a lot on the Abaddon show. Joe Gacy has what Cloudy has, and that’s spirit. And when you put two guys with heart together, crazy things tend to happen.

It’s time to feel what you once felt before.

It’s here waiting for you.

Come and take it!