revised RETRO Football Party Flyer

The Ultimate Sunday!

Are you worried you can’t see both UWA and the Super Bowl? Don’t be! On February 7th have your cake and eat it too! Prepare for the most incredible double header of all time.

Lionel's Last Stand?

Lionel’s Last Stand? (VIDEO)

Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, Alex Shelley…who hasn’t Lionel Knight wrestled? Lionel Knight is that guy who hasn’t gotten his break yet. He has the psychological and physical wrestling gifts, but not the luck. From this point forward, when Lionel speaks, […]

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A Sad Truth Comes to Light

People have told me that Colin and Lionel are two of the most loveable characters in professional wrestling. But what you don’t know is the sick truth of what took place on a cold 2005 evening. I was backstage when […]

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Pig Tales

Yesterday, while I was working on UWA, my neighbour’s pig escaped onto my property. With that, we spent the afternoon trying to herd her back home. I’ve never had to wrestle a 300 pound pig in heat before, but it […]

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