The Sacrifice of Lucky?

The Sacrifice of Lucky? (VIDEO)

I was at a newsstand one day back in the summer and noticed what I remember being a PWI Wrestling magazine. Obviously I picked it up and thumbed through it to see what was making print. I soon came to a full page spread on Jason Kincaid, who I booked in his Canadian debut match back in April of 2015.

Upon meeting Jason in person, I got a better idea of the man he is and sensed an incredible strength about him. Although not the largest man on our roster, his presence is overwhelming. During his match at our Abaddon show, fans screamed the name “Gandalf” at him, and rightfully so, as he is indeed ‘The Warrior Wizard’.

Let me assure all of you that Jason Kincaid is the last guy you want to cross. He can hurt you in ways you couldn’t possibly imagine. Jason displays superhuman qualities and is a man that doesn’t know how to stay down. That type of man is dangerous.

I imagine that when Jason’s opponent, Lucky, is travelling to the ring next Sunday, a very uplifting feeling will come to all of you. I’m sure Lucky’s Euro Trash beats will be thumping through your skulls as he dumps copious amounts of alcohol down your gizzards. I already know that all of you will be laughing, screaming, and begging for what Lucky is serving up.

But soon Lucky’s party will be over and his techno will fade from the P.A. The ring lights will once again dim, and a new energy will be upon you. This energy will be radiating from ‘The Warrior Wizard’ himself, Jason Kincaid, as he hits the ring and brings the pain!

This match will be like nothing you have ever seen live. It will be messed up on all sorts of levels.

You think I’m exaggerating?

You’ll see.