Man vs. Machine

In and around 2012 I came across a guy named Sam Shields. I liked what I saw, and from there I followed him on Twitter. Years later a match of his was emailed to me by a friend, and I was reminded of how amazing he is in the ring. I remember telling my wife after I watched it, “I felt like I just watched a UWA Hardcore match!”

I spent time scouting an opponent for Shields. I want his debut to really make a statement and be something that is long talked about for years to come.

I believe that Joey Janela is Sam Shields’ tailored opponent. I know that these two men have history together and know that they will bring something real to the ring. If you want to see two men brutalize each other, look no further than ‘The Machine’ Sam Shields vs. Joey Janela.

If you think I’m joking around, guess again!

This match will make you queasy!