Your Post-Show Preview!

I would like to thank everyone who attended our show this past Sunday. The UWA ‘Reincarnation’ show was by far the most challenging event I have ever promoted. I’ll go into some of the details of it in the upcoming days and weeks. At the same time, after working 12 hour plus days for the past few months, I feel as though Sunday was the most successful show I have ever promoted.

As my staff at the UWA events can see, I am 100% hands on in every aspect of the event. From bringing in the ring, to giving clinics before the show, I’m your one stop wrestling shop.

We all have our favourite moments of the show. Please allow me to share mine with you. It was at the end of the show when a man I would consider to be one of wrestling’s bests came to me and said something like, ‘It’s good to know the best wrestler on the show is also the promoter’. Although I don’t know him well, there was sincerity in the way he spoke.

What I know about wrestling, I know from my teachers, specifically Ultimo Dragon. A graduation from Toryumon is a high honour. When I speak and promote at wrestling events, my words and actions represent our Toryumon Dojo.

It’s not me, but us.

We are one.