Man vs. Machine

In and around 2012 I came across a guy named Sam Shields. I liked what I saw, and from there I followed him on Twitter. Years later a match of his was emailed to me by a friend, and I […]

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This is Azrieal!

What Shapes Us (VIDEO)

What shapes a true professional wrestler is how they have suffered during their carriers. You see some guys backstage and their faces alone tell a million different stories. You can’t fake a life of hardship in wrestling. Either you have […]

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A Tasty Treat Named Epitaph

Do You Remember Epitaph? (VIDEO)

I once had this quiet, skinny, tall nerd working on my ring crew back in 2004 named ‘Epitaph’. Years later I learned that Epitaph was no longer ‘Epitaph’ anymore but a guy named ‘Psycho Mike’. I don’t know anyone named […]

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